Immersive 360° Video & Web VR

Immersive learning

360° web VR (Virtual Reality) offers the opportunity to immerse and train learners in a realistic or created environment.

We currently have two options when developing this type of learning at ELM.

3D Environment. Here we create virtual environment that your learners can interact with and learn from. 3D environments can be created when;

  • Areas are inaccessible or hard to get to
  • Situations are hazardous
  • Actual scenes are expensive to replicate

Creating a virtual environment gives you complete control over the look and feel of the scene and can be fully customisable to your requirements and learning needs.

Real Environment Working on-site, we come out to your workplace or environment to capture a 360° scene in either HD picture or HD video. We then use this to build the elearning programme, overlaying interactions, hotspots and media into the scene. 360° Video can be used;

  • To help with induction training
  • To create an interactive manual
  • In virtual tours

This is a great way of training and informing learners in an environment that is familiar to them.

Both options are a great way of training learners in an environment where they are safe to fail. We can create a bespoke course as seen in the examples below, or develop individual scenes that can be integrated directly into applications like Storyline and Captivate and most rapid builders.

But do I need a headset?

Using a headset does make for a better immersive experience, however both the 360° video and web VR experience will still be usable with or without a headset.

We can help with:

  • 3D modeling
  • On-site 360° shoot
  • VR experience
  • Custom design and development

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