Storyline loader replacement tool

Ok lets be honest the preload spinner in storyline is a little – samey. It would be good to exercise some degree of control over it.

Why? well for the vast majority of storyline developers it’s simply just not important (wild assumption) and that’s fine.

However, for those who want to bring every detail on brand, it can often be that last one item that can’t be brought in line. Well, there is the resume dialogue box too but we’ll get to that another time.

We have been doing this manually for a while but it just seems a little repetitive, also each time we re-publish we have to repeat the process over again. So we built our own internal desktop app to swap this out from a small collection we gathered. This worked well for us so we decided to refactor the desktop app into a simple online tool to streamline the process for us. It turned out to be really handy so we decided to make it available on our website for others to try out too.

You can check it out here:

Simply select an animated preloading animation / spinner then select your SCO. That’s it really, your updated SCO should automatically download. Don’t worry it doesn’t affect your existing SCO as we create a new copy with a new file name.

The selection is relatively small for now but we will be adding to it over time and we will be looking into updating with more functionality, options and expanding the gallery periodically.

If you would like a custom or branded preloader animation just get in touch we’d be happy to help. Give us a shout out if you have found this useful with a little tweet @elmdesignco.

This is the early alpha build, if you have any problems please just let us know. It is for use with HTML5 output only SCOs at present, we’re still debating if we should expand into the flash output – we’ll keep you posted.

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