Legacy Course Conversion

Minature figures rejuvenating and repurposing an old elearning course

Legacy Course Conversion

Rejuvenate and repurpose old courses

Not everything we do at Elm is custom. We also help our clients get the most out of their old elearning courses getting them back online and accessible to learners once more.

There are many reasons for giving legacy content a new lease of life, such as updates to course content, changes to company branding, advancement in technology or replacing old technologies such as Flash which are now largely inaccessible to learners using mobile devices or modern browsers.

Through our analysis and evaluation process we can help you repurpose or revitalise existing legacy courses helping get back the time and money already invested in them. Sometimes it can be as simple as re-publishing the course into a new format.

Time to get digital?

Another service we offer at Elm is to help digitalise your paper based training resources and putting them into a format where they are accessible on desktop and mobile devices. We can work with you to establish the correct format for the recourses, and also ensure you to ensure you have the right platform to deliver and host these. View our case study or you can Email us to find out how we can help!

What our clients are saying:

The team at ELM are a pleasure to work with. They took time to understand my project goals fully, their technical expertise was excellent and they produced a superb course which functions well and looks great! I'm looking forward to working with ELM again!

  • Learning and Development Consultant - London

Key services:

  • Analysis & evaluation
  • Consultancy
  • Flash to HTML5
  • Rebranding & revitalising
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Graphic design
  • Paper to digital conversions

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Use the slider to see before and after shots of the conversion.

Shot of old elearning course before conversion Shot of new elearning course after conversion
Elearning course with updated interface and page design assets

Mini Case Study

Conversion of over 80 Zenosis elearning courses.

  • Flash to HTML
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Updated page templates
  • Updated page graphics and diagrams
Elearning course with updated interface and page design assets
Navigation elements for updated elearning course

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